3 thoughts on “How can social networks and science communities connect to broaden participation?

  1. As a PhD Candidate, I enjoy sharing what science looks like for me on an everyday basis using Instagram (@agodschalx), and by interpreting papers and scientific concepts on my blog, Science Martini. I was inspired to start a broader audience blog when my friends implied that my science research is too complicated to understand. Writing with these in mind helps me crystallize science concepts.
    How do I have time to write in a blog while I have several other manuscripts and grant proposals to write? I schedule blog writing time. I get to practice incorporating writing time into my schedule and reward myself by communicating science to my friends and family.

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  2. One example of how this can work is the #BLACKandSTEM hashtag created by Stephani Page (@ThePurplePage).


    By participating in this community on twitter I have been able to promote my graduate program, identify colleagues with similar interests, share information about summer research programs and fellowship opportunities, advise prospective students on the grad school applications process, and invite seminar speakers to my campus. Even though I am only one of a few people of color with STEM PhDs on my campus, keeping up with this network on social media reduces the feeling of isolation that can be a huge barrier to broadening participation.

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  3. It would be helpful if there was an online social network designed to facilitate communication between prospective graduate students and current/former graduate students and faculty of each graduate program. This would greatly increase prospective students’ opportunities to obtain detailed information about each graduate program from multiple different perspectives before choosing a program to enter.


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