NSF Graduate Education Forum Update

To the visitors of the NSF Graduate Education Forum,

The NSF Grad Ed Forum Team would like to thank you for visiting the Forum over the past several months and sharing your opinions.
The NSF launched the Forum as a pilot initiative to foster discussion among U.S. graduate-education stakeholders. In order to review the comments and understand how the ideas can inform NSF’s thinking on graduate education, the Forum will enter an assessment phase over the next several weeks. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will post an update to share our findings.

During the evaluation period, we will not post new content. However, visitors will still be able to leave comments or respond to each other. We will continue to moderate the comments and observe the conversation. In addition, you may still share the content of the Forum through emails, web links, social media, and any other method you prefer.

In addition, we encourage you to submit suggestions to improve the mechanics of the Forum or to suggest future topics and questions for discussion. You will now see a new “Suggestions” tab on the top menu bar to the right of “Discussion Topics”. If you click on that link, or here, it will take you to the suggestions form. Your comments submitted through the suggestions form will not be public, but will be emailed directly to the Forum moderators for their consideration.

Thank you all for your participation in the NSF Graduate Education Forum. We look forward to posting an update in the coming weeks.

Thank you,
The NSF Grad Ed Forum Team